Wanaka & Queenstown Wedding Planning FAQ’s

Q. What happens if it is raining?

A. Luckily in this area it’s a dry climate rather than wet so we get very few wet days each year. If it does rain on your day then we will arrange to hold your ceremony at an alternative location. If you’re not able to take your heli-flight due to the weather, there are still plenty of options for your photos. Stormy skies can make the shots look amazing… so bad weather isn’t necessarily a bad thing… quite the opposite!


Q. How many photos will we receive?

A. The number of photos completely depends on how it goes on the day and if you would like to add any extra photography time to your package. Your Alpine Image Co. photographer will take as many photos as they need to at your photo shoot, to get a lovely selection of images that tell the story of your day. They will edit out any that are sub-standard or double ups and you will receive the rest.


Q. How many people can the helicopter take to the mountain top?

A. There are different helicopters that can take a range from 3-6 passengers. Depending on how many passengers you will have with you we can book the appropriate helicopter (s) for your day.


Q. Do we get black & white photos?

A. The majority of your photos will be in colour. Your Alpine Image Co. photographer will use their best judgement to decide which images will look best in black & white.


Q. How do we get to Wanaka?

A. From Queenstown it is a short drive (approximately 1 hour) to Wanaka or you can catch one of the scheduled shuttles. Regular coach services to and from the main centres arrive and depart daily. Find more information here.



When people say getting married is one of the most stressful things you can do I could not disagree with them more. Boutique Weddings made the entire process from start to finish completely seamless. We were able to truly enjoy every moment and will cherish our memories forever. It was an unforgettable day and the most special moment of both our lives.

Emily & Aniwa Monk

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