Olia & Piotr | Wanaka Wedding Planner | Mount Roy

Olia & Piotr live in Toronto, Canada. Six years ago Olia lived in Queenstown for a year (one of the best times of her life she told us!) and so this area holds really fun and wonderful memories for her. Peter had never been to New Zealand before…. and so they wanted to take the chance to hold a really unique wedding, honeymoon and for Peter to see why Olia loved NZ so much, all in one go!!

Their ceremony was held on Mount Roy, on a beautifully calm day. They brought both of their mums along to celebrate with them which gave the day a truly special feel to it. After the flight they took advantage of the calmness of Lake Wanaka, and stopped by the lake for a little glass of bubbles and a few more photos, before a delicious dinner at Bistro Gentil in Wanaka. Just perfect!!

Many thanks to the following suppliers for their part in this fantastic day:

Photography: Alpine Image Company

Make Up: Gena Bagley

Hair: Absolutely Fabulous

Flowers: Crimson Wedding Flowers

Celebrant: Kathryn Omond

Helicopter: Alpine Helicopters


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My husband and I eloped in March last year after many stressful months of trying to organize a wedding back home. Boutique Wedding made our wedding dreams possible and helped us create a wedding day that was unforgettable and absolutely amazing! Plus the whole planning process was relaxed and stress free. Alpine Image Company did an AMAZING job on our photography! All our photos are breathtaking and we just love them!

Matt and I honestly can't thank you all enough for making our wedding day an absolute dream. It was the best day of my life, and I am so happy we decided to get married the way we did xx

Kara & Matt Dickenson

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