Rosie & Jorge | Queenstown Wedding Planner | Moke Lake | Arrowtown | Cecil Peak

 It’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty exciting year for Rosie & Jorge. It’s only half way through 2015, but already they have gotten engaged, holidayed in New Zealand, bought a house in Australia, and now they’re planning a wedding. Phew!! We were delighted to play a part in some of those fun times for this super lovely couple!

Thank you guys for being soooo lovely! It was such a pleasure to organise this day for you.  You are so unbelievably cute together and we couldn’t be happier for you xxx

Massive thanks to the following suppliers for their help in this ultra cute shoot:

Photography: Alpine Image Company

Make Up: J.E.T

Hair: Beautiful Bridal Hair

Flowers: The Flower Room

Helicopter: Heliworks


Queenstown Wedding Photographer_001Queenstown Wedding Photographer_002Queenstown Wedding Photographer_003Queenstown Wedding Photographer_004Queenstown Wedding Photographer_005Queenstown Wedding Photographer_006Queenstown Wedding Photographer_007Queenstown Wedding Photographer_008Queenstown Wedding Photographer_009Queenstown Wedding Photographer_010Queenstown Wedding Photographer_011Queenstown Wedding Photographer_012Queenstown Wedding Photographer_013Queenstown Wedding Photographer_015Queenstown Wedding Photographer_016Queenstown Wedding Photographer_017Queenstown Wedding Photographer_018Queenstown Wedding Photographer_019Queenstown Wedding Photographer_020Queenstown Wedding Photographer_021Queenstown Wedding Photographer_022Queenstown Wedding Photographer_023Queenstown Wedding Photographer_024Queenstown Wedding Photographer_025Queenstown Wedding Photographer_026Queenstown Wedding Photographer_027Queenstown Wedding Photographer_028Queenstown Wedding Photographer_029Queenstown Wedding Photographer_030Queenstown Wedding Photographer_031Queenstown Wedding Photographer_032Queenstown Wedding Photographer_033Queenstown Wedding Photographer_034Queenstown Wedding Photographer_035Queenstown Wedding Photographer_036Queenstown Wedding Photographer_037Queenstown Wedding Photographer_038Queenstown Wedding Photographer_039Queenstown Wedding Photographer_040Queenstown Wedding Photographer_041Queenstown Wedding Photographer_042Queenstown Wedding Photographer_043Queenstown Wedding Photographer_044Queenstown Wedding Photographer_045Queenstown Wedding Photographer_046Queenstown Wedding Photographer_047Queenstown Wedding Photographer_048Queenstown Wedding Photographer_049Queenstown Wedding Photographer_050Queenstown Wedding Photographer_051Queenstown Wedding Photographer_052Queenstown Wedding Photographer_053Queenstown Wedding Photographer_054Queenstown Wedding Photographer_055Queenstown Wedding Photographer_056Queenstown Wedding Photographer_057Queenstown Wedding Photographer_058Queenstown Wedding Photographer_059Queenstown Wedding Photographer_060Queenstown Wedding Photographer_061Queenstown Wedding Photographer_062Queenstown Wedding Photographer_063Queenstown Wedding Photographer_064Queenstown Wedding Photographer_065Queenstown Wedding Photographer_066Queenstown Wedding Photographer_067Queenstown Wedding Photographer_068Queenstown Wedding Photographer_069Queenstown Wedding Photographer_070Queenstown Wedding Photographer_071

Omg where do I start! Can't thank you enough for everything you did for us! Everything was amazing and everyone you picked to make our day what it was,they were the best!!!!! You made our day what it was and what we will always remember, couldn't have been more perfect! X

Melissa & Jeremy Hunt

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