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When they were planning their wedding, Kara & Matthew knew right from the beginning that they wanted something that was intimate, special and unique to them as a couple. They wanted their day to be focused on their commitment and love for each other, rather than being caught up in the craziness that can sometimes come from planning a larger wedding. Being adventurous types, a helicopter flight to the ceremony location felt a pretty fitting way to begin married life! After saying their ‘I do’s’ and cracking open the bubbles on Coromandel Peak overlooking Lake Wanaka…. the flight continued on to Isobel Glacier, where the temperature dropped well below zero…. brrrrr!! On the up side…. they had each other to snuggle up to… which made for some super cute shots!

Huge Congratulations Kara & Matthew… we hope that you have the most amazing time celebrating with your friends and family next month xxx

Many thanks to the following amazing suppliers:

Photography: Alpine Image Company

Videography: Sunshine Wedding Films

Make Up: Janine Joseph

Hair: Shannon Van Praag

Flowers: Studio 24

Celebrant: Glennys Logan

Helicopter: Aspiring Helicopters

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To all the team at Boutique and Alpine Image Company.. we couldn't have asked for a better day. Yaeh is brilliant at her job, accommodating our every need. And Alpine Image Company were just fabulous to work with - thanks for making me feel beautiful on the most amazing day of Kate and I's lives. We'll be back for that family photo shoot somewhere down the track. Thank you again x

Jacs & Kate

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