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With family and friends stretched over two continents (The U.S and New Zealand) Tanya & Stephen knew that it would be impossible to get everyone in one place for a ‘big’ wedding. Instead of being disappointed that friends and family wouldn’t be able to attend, they decided to hold a private mountaintop ceremony here in New Zealand with their mothers and little Paige…. and then “party like rock stars with family and friends later”. You’ve got to love their way of thinking!

Huge congratulations to a lovely couple and their beautiful wee family xxx

Many thanks to the following suppliers involved in this gorgeous elopement:

Celebrant: Kathryn Omond

Flowers: The Flower Room

Hair: Absolutely Fabulous

Make Up: J.E.T

Helicopter: Heliworks

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When people say getting married is one of the most stressful things you can do I could not disagree with them more. Boutique Weddings made the entire process from start to finish completely seamless. We were able to truly enjoy every moment and will cherish our memories forever. It was an unforgettable day and the most special moment of both our lives.

Emily & Aniwa Monk

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