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Danielle & Matthew are hands down wedding legends!!! When the weather didn’t play ball on the day itself (it’s rare… but it can happed) they didn’t let it spoil a thing. Instead, they made the most of their special time with family and friends on the afternoon of their wedding, and rescheduled their helicopter flight for the next day. And wow, what a decision that was! This time, the weather gods came to the party! A spectacular sunset over Queenstown surprised everybody, who thought that the cloud had set in for the afternoon. And high above the inversion layer that sat over the town, Danielle & Matthew enjoyed the last of the suns rays on their first proper day as husband and wife!

Huge thanks to the following suppliers for making such an epic day happen…

Photography by Alpine Image Company

Flowers by The Vase

Ceremony by Andrew Bell

Venue: Stoneridge

Helicopter flight by Heliworks

My husband and I eloped in March last year after many stressful months of trying to organize a wedding back home. Boutique Wedding made our wedding dreams possible and helped us create a wedding day that was unforgettable and absolutely amazing! Plus the whole planning process was relaxed and stress free. Alpine Image Company did an AMAZING job on our photography! All our photos are breathtaking and we just love them!

Matt and I honestly can't thank you all enough for making our wedding day an absolute dream. It was the best day of my life, and I am so happy we decided to get married the way we did xx

Kara & Matt Dickenson

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