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Miki & Yun were married in a traditional ceremony in their home country of China, but they always knew that they would love a destination wedding where they would really be able to show their love for each other. They decided to travel to New Zealand on their honeymoon and whilst they were here, celebrate their love for each other in a Blessing Ceremony on top of one of Wanaka’s most stunning mountain top locations, Coromandel Peak on Mount Roy. Their vows were truly heartfelt, and it was such a special moment when Yun gave Miki a gorgeous piece of green-stone during the ceremony. After the flight, they made the most of the Autumnal light and headed to the shores of Lake Wanaka for some final photos together before a candlelit dinner at one of Wanaka’s gorgeous restaurants, Bistro Gentil.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for a sweeter couple. Thank you Miki & Yun for being completely and utterly gorgeous. We wish you all the very best for what we know will be an incredible life together xxx

Huge thanks to the following suppliers:

Photography: Alpine Image Company

Makeup: Janine Joseph

Hair: Absolutely Fabulous

Flowers: Studio 24

Celebrant: Glennys Logan

Helicopter: Aspiring Helicopters

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My husband and I eloped in March last year after many stressful months of trying to organize a wedding back home. Boutique Wedding made our wedding dreams possible and helped us create a wedding day that was unforgettable and absolutely amazing! Plus the whole planning process was relaxed and stress free. Alpine Image Company did an AMAZING job on our photography! All our photos are breathtaking and we just love them!

Matt and I honestly can't thank you all enough for making our wedding day an absolute dream. It was the best day of my life, and I am so happy we decided to get married the way we did xx

Kara & Matt Dickenson

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